Summer in the Garden

Summer in the garden was a very wet and humid affair. Lots of rain and not a lot of sunshine. Muggy days with high humidity. The weeds absolutely loved it and rampaged through the garden at alarming speed and vigour. When we had a sunny day, I’d get out and attack them, damp ground made for easy pulling. But then another week or two of rain and I was right back where I started again!

The Patch in particular has been ravaged by weeds. Progress on the garden beds has been slow this season. I managed to get my future potato bed set up. Weeds cleared; cardboard laid down followed by a trailer load of veggie garden soil. I used some of the logs from the tree we had cut down to create an edging and a path of bark mulch. I’m pleased with the way it looks.

Mulched and planted out with Watermelon and Marigolds. I sowed some Nasturtium seeds of which some have sprouted into nice little plants.

My two compost bins are now set up and ready to go also. As it was the wrong time to plant potatoes, I popped some watermelon seedlings in and some marigolds. I’m not sure I’ll get a harvest from the watermelon, but you never know. I just wanted to plant something!

I was able to harvest some decent Radish and beetroots and was quite proud of them. I’ve also been able to harvest cucumbers from my one vine that grew. They are delicious despite the plant looking a little rough. Something has been eating the leaves, but the flowers keep blooming, and the cucumbers are growing well enough, so I haven’t done any pest control.

My cottage border in the front yard has flourished with many of my annuals and perennials growing considerably. I have two salvias that I might need to move come Autumn as they just grew too big for this bed and swamped the plants around them.

My David Austen roses grew and flowered prolifically like they always do and are now in need of their late summer prune.

I have really enjoyed this flower bed this season and seeing the plants fill it out.

I did some much-needed weeding in my garden beds in the back yard and started to lay sugar cane mulch. There is still some weeding and mulching to do. I’ve come to realize that this is just going to be an ongoing task. I will never completely eradicate the weeds, but hopefully I can crowd them out with plants!

I popped in some new plants in these beds. I particularly enjoyed the Anemone flowers and loved seeing them from my kitchen window.

My hydrangeas I planted a year ago were one of the standout successes of this year’s Summer garden. With all the rain and humidity, they have put on so much growth and flowered profusely. Big blousy flower heads of blue blooms. I enjoyed cutting them to have in the kitchen. I have tried to dry some of the stems by hanging them upside down, but they have shriveled up a lot and not maintained their shape.

I have left some blooms to age and dry on the shrubs themselves so we will see how that goes. Do you have any tips for drying hydrangea? I might investigate getting a dehydrator and trying to dry flowers that way.

I didn’t have much success with growing cut flowers this summer. I lost all of my Zinnia seedlings, I don’t think I potted them on in time and they shriveled in the heat. I did get great results from my Cosmos though. Which are still blooming their socks off now. The plants are looking a little forlorn though and are starting to topple over so it may be time to pull them out. I so enjoyed cutting the pretty blooms to have in the house.

I have big plans for the garden in Autumn and Winter. Here is my to-do list…

  • Weed, Weed, Weed!
  • Mulch, Mulch, Mulch!
  • Build fence and retaining wall with gate into The Patch
  • Get remaining raised beds in The Patch up and running
  • Start herb garden
  • Screen around water tank
  • Measure up and design greenhouse/potting shed
  • Plant espalier fruit trees

So just some small projects to work on!

These terraced beds will be where my espalier fruit trees go. Some weeding to be done here as they have sprung up after putting this soil down.

Despite all the rain and weeds, I have really enjoyed working and being in the garden this Summer. I can picture how I want it to look in my mind, and while I know there is a lot of hard work ahead of me, and that I will be working and growing this garden for many years to come, I’m exciting about the journey.

I hope you have been able to enjoy time in your garden this past Summer.

Miss Leela x

P.S Head to my YouTube channel where you can view my Gardening Vlog.

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