New Year, New Goals & Dreams

A very warm hearted Happy New Year to you. I hope this post finds you well and in good spirits. It’s hard to believe we find ourselves in 2022. Not sure about you, but the end of last year seemed to go by in a blur.

I hope that you were able to spend Christmas and the holiday season with those you love the most. We had a very quiet and relaxed Christmas spent at home and on holiday at the beach. It was a nice way to end what turned out to be a bit of a funny year full of ups and downs and biggish changes.

Where I am we were plunged into a three-month lockdown from July. This personally didn’t affect me emotionally or mentally as I’m a natural homebody, but it was not great for the retail shop that I am co-owner of.

That was the biggest change for me last year. The shop I am a partner in, Blue Mountains Makers, went from four owners to just two, myself and my good friend Nisa. While I have happily taken on the business as co-owner, it was a bit stressful wrapping my head around a whole heap of new roles and tasks that I needed to take on.

I love our little shop, and safe to say it is like a second home for me now that I work in-store seven days a fortnight. Nisa and I work well together, and we always seem to come up with the same ideas for our business. We are very excited for the potential that this year could bring for the shop…just hopefully no more lockdowns!

Walking in to our shop is like being greeted with a huge creativity hug.

Taking on a larger role in the shop last year meant that I had to take a step back from my own shop The Maker’s Stash. Around the same time, I also had the brilliant idea of re-opening my Miss Leela Handmade Etsy shop. I am truly a glutton for punishment and always take on too much at the one time.

I knew this time that I could not put pressure on myself to do everything. I had to draw the line somewhere, and something would have to be temporarily dropped from my To-Do list. I was already starting to feel a little burnt out from my craft supply business, and I was at the risk of falling out of love with some of the designs I was working on for pattern releases. So, I made the decision to drop TMS (The Maker’s Stash) from my priority list.

I knew it was not a goodbye, far from it. I have been so focused on trying to grow my little shop for the past couple of years, that I needed a break, and I knew that stepping back would be the perfect way to re-charge and come back in the new year energised and excited for things to come.

A flowers beauty never fades…even when it has wrinkles and is a bit dried up it is still beautiful, as are we.

The start of the year for me has become a time to plan and organize. I decided that I would spend January easing into the year, gently and slowly. I have spent the past couple of weeks planning my goals and ambitions for the year ahead. I bought myself a new planner and a whole heap of gorgeous new notebooks from Bespoke Letter Press. I prefer to write out my goals, to-do lists and ideas as I find putting pen to paper to be more satisfying then typing it into a computer program or app. I like the physical notion of crossing things out or putting a big tick next to something I have completed.

My collection of note-books, To-Do Lists and 2022 planner.

I am also spending this month going through everything and re-organizing the house. I love doing this as it always feels very therapeutic going through your stuff and getting rid of things you no longer need or use. I love organizing things too. I wouldn’t say I was a fastidious person, I like things to be neat and tidy but I don’t go OTT. I find organizing fun, moving things around, getting new storage containers or jars. I find it makes life easier when things are packed away neatly in a spot or container just for them.

I added a shelf and re-jigged my tea pot and cup & saucer display.

So here are my main goals and ambitions for this year in a nutshell…

Little Dream Homestead

  • Work in the garden – in particular The Patch
  • Small scale home decoration and renovations
  • Continue working towards a Low Tox home and life
  • Live life a little more sustainably

Miss Leela Handmade

  • Have regular shop updates
  • Explore my creative and crafty ideas

The Maker’s Stash

  • Focus on releasing patterns and my How-to booklets
  • Expand paper pieces range

I also want to fall in-love with food. That might sound odd because it’s not that I don’t enjoy eating food and I do have a healthy relationship with it. I want to fall in-love with preparing food and meals. I want to stop cooking boring meat and three veg dinners. I want to get excited by what we’re eating and be creative in the kitchen.

I also want to eat more whole foods and fewer processed foods. I am really hoping a better, more clean diet will help with my digestive issues. I also know that it is better from a sustainability point of view to eat with more whole foods.

I’m planning on sharing my food discoveries with you, and while this won’t become a food and recipe blog, I hope that it can inspire you to eat better and be creative in the kitchen also.

My little corner of the web will change a bit this year too. I will not just be sharing what I am making, but also what is happening and growing at my home, Little Dream Homestead. I suppose you could say this will become part handmade part lifestyle blog. I’m hoping to share more DIY content, what I’m making, things I learn, my low tox discoveries, and the places I explore.

I hope to share more Vlog’s & Blogs with you and in them portray a real life account of my ambition and dream to live a bit more simply, calmly and gently.

I hope you are feeling hopeful for a better year, I am trying to remain my ever optimistic self!

Miss Leela x

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